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The legal cannabis industry has come a long way. Yet, while the business has grown sophisticated, many companies have lost sight of its original essence – the cannabis plant itself. We’re disrupting the established market with our focus on cannabis horticulture, sustainability, and quality. EDUN marries natural cultivation processes with cutting-edge technology, injecting passion, love, and integrity into the growing legal market.

decades of horticultural experience

The Brinkerhoff Family Farm in Parachute, Colorado, is EDUN’s heart and soul. On our farm and in our state-of-the-art facility, we share creativity and excitement with our team, which we consider our extended family. The Brinkerhoff’s bring decades of expert cannabis cultivation experience to EDUN in a brilliant marriage of form and function, earning us a reputation for authenticity and credibility.

the purest plant expression

Our cultivation team carefully regulates greenhouse environments to maximize flower growth with bountiful Colorado sunshine. EDUN works tirelessly to develop no-till, regenerative cultivation practices producing incredible harvests that are also good for the environment. We are one of the only cannabis producers to collect indigenous microbes from local forests, integrating them into our living soils. Like the terroir of fine wine, EDUN products are a pure expression of the plant and the healthiest earth. 

harnessing the power of the natural world

We put the power of the natural world into an extensive catalog of proprietary, boutique genetics, resulting in the cleanest cannabis products available today. Ultimately, our goal is to be the first cannabis company to imbue earth-centric, sustainable practices into products passionately crafted to enhance your daily experience. We’re bringing the craft mentality back to cannabis, spreading a message of quality and consistency in Colorado and beyond as we share our passion for clean products and environmental awareness.

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