Cold Cure Live Rosin Badder

purity redefined.

EDUN COLD CURE ROSIN is crafted with the finest trichome heads from flowers sourced from our super natural garden and extracted using only ice and water. We access the flower’s true essence with a delicate balance of heat and pressure, creating an oil oozing with terpenes and flavor. The cold cure ensures we retain all of the plant’s beneficial properties, delivering the full entourage effect so you can enjoy the purest experience possible.

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Indica Hybrid

Gelato Cake

Gelato Cake is a cultivar that crosses the aromatic berry of Gelato #33 with Wedding Cake’s creamy frosting. The combination creates a funky fuel flavor on the inhale with subtle lingering cream notes on the exhale–indica dominant.

Sativa Hybrid

Tropicana Banana

Tropicana Banana is a cultivar sourced from the parents of Tropicana and Banana Kush. The strain features a subtle fruit profile reminiscent of berries and light citrus with a smooth inhale and flavorful exhale–sativa dominant.



TropSanto is a hybrid strain joining Tropicana Cookies with GMO. This strain features flavors like garlic, cookie dough, and spicy cinnamon, with an impressive terpene profile and ridiculously potent high; it’s perfect for dabbers–hybrid.

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