Live Rosin Infused Pre-roll

fine flower meets terpene-rich cold cure live rosin

EDUN INFUSED ROSIN ROLLS give you the best of both worlds: the finest flower hand-selected from our zero-waste super natural garden with no shake or trim, and terpene-rich cold cure live rosin hash. Our infused pre-rolls can elevate the experience of even the most seasoned cannabis consumer.

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Indica Hybrid

Divine Kush Breath

EDUN DIVINE KUSH BREATH LIVE ROSIN INFUSED PRE-ROLL joins Platinum Kush Breath, Divine Gelato #33 flower, and our Wedding Cake live rosin for a flavor-packed gassy, rich, and creamy experience that’s perfect when you need to focus—indica dominant.


Mac N’ Cheese

EDUN MAC N’ CHEESE LIVE ROSIN INFUSED PRE-ROLL brings together Mac N’ Cheese flower with our Lava Cake live rosin for a rich, arousing, experience that’s perfect for lengthy, relaxed, and reflective evenings without drowsiness or couch-lock; it also features a sweet and citrusy flavor profile and exceptionally smooth and cakey terpenes.

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