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Grown in Our Super Natural Garden

We grow the cleanest cannabis in the living soils of Colorado’s western slope.

Cold Cure Live Rosin Badder

EDUN COLD CURE ROSIN BADDER uses the finest trichome heads extracted with only ice and water from EDUN’s super natural gardens to deliver the full entourage effect.

Live Rosin Jam

EDUN PREMIUM ROSIN JAM uses the finest flowers cultivated in our zero-waste, super natural garden delivering a pure cannabinoid experience in a uniquely flavorful and smooth package with an elevated terpene profile.

Solventless Live Rosin Vape Carts

EDUN SOLVENTLESS LIVE ROSIN VAPE CARTS allow you to experience the full flavor of super natural terpenes delivered in a solventless and uncut vape cartridge for a discrete, flavorful, smooth, and potent live rosin experience.

Live Rosin Infused Pre-Roll

EDUN LIVE ROSIN INFUSED PRE-ROLLS feature the finest flower hand-selected by our passionate growers from our zero-waste super natural garden, infusing them with terpene-rich cold cure live rosin hash for a genuinely elevated EDUN experience.

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